Monday, January 31, 2011

Info day 2

It`s Monday again and yet another info day.

I was wondering whether to post something complicated about physics and chemistry or something involving our social lives. Well, I went with chemistry:

Good luck.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, a sunny day

Today is the worst day of the week - Sunday. You have headache, you have school/job tomorrow, you probably have to clean the house, cook or whatever. And yet, Sunday marks the end of a week and the beginning of a new one.

So I wish you all to have a nice week, so next Sunday you can smile upon the lack of memories from last night. And have an Aspirin.

And the picture is among the first to come up on a google Sunday search, so...bon apetit.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Piracy - the difference between Somalia and internet

As a child, I often imagined pirates with their wooden ships pillaging villages and going "Arrr". Now, when I say pirate I image a dude with a computer. He`s going "Arrr!" as well.

The somalian pirates are, in fact, not going "Arr" and they have no computers. Or food for that matter. They are black people, looking to steal stuff from ships. By definition, they are black pirates.

The internet piracy, on the other hand, is a very discussed topic. No one can deny us the right to get free stuff off the internet. If the internet stops providing free movies, games, free software all together, the internet will become an enormous library with a nice indexing book. I don`t understand people, who are rich as fuck and they bitch and moan about people downloading their songs for free.

Oh yeah, and somalian pirates are practically useless as apposed to the internet pirates.

Also, read this if you like to buy your shit.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Science and how fucked up it really is.

Science is the future. The wheel, the fire, the car, space travel - all science. The structure of the atom - science. Medications - science. And yet, the most promising branch of biology - genetic engineering is hindered by moral shit. Moral shit, that goes deeper than "How can you use that fetus (please note - not baby, fetus) for science". It goes deep into religious bullshit, which is another subject.

Stem-cell research has been hindered and for all intents and purposes - canceled. The main reason is not financial, but moral. Many people think it`s wrong to use aborted fetuses for some reason. Stupid reason at that, because the fetus is nothing more than cells. No "immortal soul", no future, no nothing. But stem-cell can be used to cure many diseases, such as leukemia and many, many more. These cells are called "pluripotent", because they can become any type of cell - neuron, blood poietic (that make the cells in the blood), liver-cells...whatever, these bastards can.

And yet, because of our feeble human moral, we ban it. Because it makes people uncomfortable. What about the people dying from all the diseases that stem-cell research can cure? Never mind them.

How much time must pass for us to realize that we can`t simply be uncomfortable with science. And let us remember the last words of the guy, that was burnt for his scientific achievements: "And yet, it spins" - Galileo Galilei.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Legalize it! Part 3.

Economy of the weed, part 1.

Since economy is a huge and vast field, it`s impossible to cover all the bases in one short article. So here is some blabber about the basics. In the following weeks I`ll try to cover the basics(this post), growth, distribution and global economics of weed. So here goes part 1.

Can you dress in marijuana? Can you write on it? Can you power your car with it? Well...yes, sure you can. It`s cheap. Why has no one thought of that already?

Oh, wait. During the I and II World war USA legalized the production of hemp and used it to make paper and other useful cheap shit. Naturally, after the war, weed was banned again.

Trust me, I`d be the last one to go hippie and ecological, but hemp can be used to produce bio-fuel, which would be a lot cheaper and eco-friendly.

Every government would win tons of money, just from taxing weed growers and sellers of hemp-made products. Because you tax the growers and then get money from the products. But why isn`t it happening?

Growing hemp might help improve unemployment rates, return people from the city to the countryside. By making it legal, marijuana growths can be monitored and controlled.

Here`s a flowchart of the useful stuff hemp can be used for:

As you can see tons of byproducts can be made from all parts of the plant. Screw the recreational use, hemp with minimal THC content can be used. But even the 1% content is considered a drug and therefore - banned. This goes a little bit beyond paranoia, this is stupidity.

I realize I`m starting to get all hippie, but the reason hemp isn`t used for mass production of the mentioned products are the big manufacturers of everything, the so-called corporations. They are the ones keeping the economy from collapsing and until a giant hemp-using corporation comes along, one that can replace all the other, nothing`s going to change on a global level.

At some point I`ll return to the economical side of the problem, but next week you will familiarize with the chemical structure of marijuana.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Info day 1

Every week there will be one info/life hack post. here`s the first:

You want something sweet? You want it fresh? And now? There you go. Enjoy your newly acquired skill. Impress people, be king!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I promised I`d be in a better mood and here I am. Before I continue, I must say that I think that the following post is full of shit.

Technically what we call love is a complex chain of chemical reactions in the brain, involving great amounts of endorphins, the hormones that make us happy. But many argue that love is more than that, that they feel in their heaths. Science cannot explain this feeling, but many theorise that it is a psychological phenomena.

No matter what love is, most of us have experienced it. It might have been a sob-drama story or a life-long happiness. But being in love is trusting and its basis, trust must be earned and yet, love tends to skip that. Why? Because most people want to have a relationship and love, because that`s what we are told should happen. But here`s the difference - many find love where it`s absent. Those people believe that love MUST be, whereas it might.

Love is in no way a mandatory thing to happen. Birth and death are, but not love or happiness. As soon as one reaches this conclusion, the sooner that man can live his/her life to the fullest.

It`s not wrong to seek love and to be loved, but it shouldn`t be a purpose in life, but something that one must recognize when it comes. Just like when you are about to vomit from too much vodka - if you don`t, you`ll barf all over the place.

Not as bright as I hoped, but fuck it, you`ll live.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Almost everyone around the globe consumes alcohol in some form. Some drink beer, others prefer vodka. But what is alcohol? Everyone who passed high school chemistry knows that the spirits are mix of water, flavours, and most importantly: ethanol. Substance, consisting of 2 carbon, 6 hydrogen and one oxygen atom: CH3–CH2–OH.

Pure alcohol is toxic, the 95%V solution is called rubbing alcohol. Some people may show allergic reactions, such as rash around the spot, but these are rare cases. However, the main usage of alcohol today is not medicinal, or at least not in the traditional sense.

Everyone that has gotten himself drunk over the loss of a loved one or over a girl knows alcohol helps temporary. But where is the borderline between recreational drinking and alcoholism? We all joke how "We are not alcoholics, because we are not anonymous, we are drunks", but alcoholism is a serious disease.

Oh wait.

Wait. Guys...sorry. Alcoholism is in no way a disease. Smoking is more of a disease than alcoholism. Yes, it is claimed to be one, but fuck it, they invented Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so that parents won`t look bad. Every kid has ADHD, but it`s called being a kid. Now, if a kid retains this, even though way above child-age, this simply means that his/her parents did a shitty job raising that kid.

So in the light of me being such a nice person and all, I give you the cure for alcoholism, the condition reponsible for some many broken families and beaten up wives:

get your shit together and stop drinking so much. It`s not easy, but in the end - what is?

Yeah, I believe that the reason of alcoholism is simply the lack of strong will. Well, the world is full of pussies now, isn`t it.

I promise that tomorrow I`ll be in a better mood.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Legalize it! Part 2.

All the people who use marijuana can vouch that it will not cause any long-term damage. And yet, most of the people, who have not even tried it, claim it does. How come?

Ignorance is bliss, is said in the Bible. Many people, mostly in their mids (40-50) make no difference whether their child smokes pot or is abusing heroin. This problem comes from misinformation. And even though these people have the internet, the largest source of information known to mankind, they refuse to familiarize themselves.
And the difference is huge. If pot were Mt. Everest, heroin is the Mariana trench. This ignorance is the reason most governments will not legalize marijuana - they will never be elected again in their lifetime. Amongst the elderly, they will be known as the people who allowed their children to use drugs.

On the other hand, the politicians know that if they legalize marijuana, the users will vote for them. But they live with the idea that pot smokers are some kind of smelly hippies, and who wants that? Truth is, tons of people with respectable jobs, like lawyers, doctors, dentists and so on, use marijuana. May be not on daily basis, but regularly. You don`t see surgeons high during surgery, nor lawyers stoned during trial. Because not smoking pot doesn`t make one abstinent, hellbent on "getting his dose". There is no dose, no dependency whatsoever.

You want to get high - you smoke, you don`t want to get high - you don`t. That`s how weed works. Period. Nobody NEEDS weed.

Next time, on Legalize it! we, and I mean I, will talk about the economical side of the problem.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know a faggot, who went to study in the Netherlands. Now I don`t have a neighbor with whom to smoke with. Also the game.

On a more serious, less whiny note, it has come to my attention that the world has turned to shit. Everywhere you look there are hipsters, whiggers and gay people. Yes, this blog is about freedom of choice, but hell, Hitler made a choice as well, so did the sandniggers that flew into a tall building. To make my point really clear: there are choices, but there are also dumb/retarded choices, such as being a hippy, hipster, vegetarian, vegan and so on. Why are these wrong choices, you might axe. (Yeah, I did it.)

It`s a bad choice being a hipster because it wasn`t much of a choice, was it? You were weird and had no friends, so you decided to hang out with other freaks and dress like them. Soon you found out that now that you belong to a community, you could make friends, have a girlfriend and so on. So, nice going, how does it feel to look ridiculous?

You don`t want to be that guy, right?

The hippies...well, they were commented on enough. Mostly because they smell and do nothing for society. Neither do I, but I shower. Sometimes.

Vegan, vegetarian: You have incisors and canines? Then your body was designed by mother nature to eat meat. Those people claim to love nature, and yet they stand against what nature spent hundreds of thousands of years on. Who the hell do you think you are? Every time you refuse to eat meat, you make mother Nature cry. Assholes.

Also, I dare you: go to a forest for a few days without food. You are not allowed to eat bugs, they are animals as well, check wikipedia or something. Also they contain meat. For you vegans I guess the eggs aren`t an option as well. You will starve. Because you didn`t do something that your body was meant to do. Thank you for fucking up evolution.

Hm, it turned out to be an even whinier note. Whatever. If you fall into the above categories, I hope you burn. Not in hell, in your house.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legalize it! Part 1.

This is the first part of series that will be called "Legalize it!" In this first part we`ll cover all the basics, the myth and facts and I will explain why are you wrong if you are against it.

Legalization of marijuana. An often discussed topic amongst people. Amongst all kinds of people. We all know the pros of legalization - improved quality of the weed, control over what we get for our money, honest market competition and mostly - this will take weed trade from mobs` hands. The production and selling will be governed by laws, just as alcohol is. Or cigaretes.

What are the cons? Probably close to none. The only bad thing that might or might not happen is that younger children will accept drugs as socially acceptable. All drugs.

Do you see a pattern? Children see drugs as one thing, not making difference between heroin and weed. So do people who are against the legalization process. But a person might and will kill, rob and do shit alltogether for heroin, not for weed. If you don`t smoke pot, ask a friend of yours, who does: "Have you ever killed/robbed someone to buy weed?".

So that`s it. You will have to talk to your kid. Tragedy.

By now if you still think marijuana causes cancer and brain damage, you are retarded. Or religious, whatever. There is proof that marijuana can be used to treat (NOT cure)
a variety of diseases like glaucoma, insomnia, neuralgic pain. The list goes on, including MS, multiple sclerosis. Modern medicine can only treat MS, but no cure it. With vaporizers, even the slightest harm from inhaling tar is gone, you inhale pure THC, with no tar, because there is no burning, but more on that in another part.

In conclusion: Don`t chase pot smokers with pitchforks and torches. We are people like you, but instead of cancer and hangover, we want to be high. See ye in part 2.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Present perfect...

...or how are ideas born

I watched the Social network recently and I honestly liked it. It got me wondering, how does one come with groundbreaking ideas? Do you think them over and over or do they just pop? There a several examples on tEh internets for people going for one thing and ending with a huge community. all the chans, facebook and many more. There are those, that started as one thing and simply expanded beyond proportion, like Google.

So where does that leave my question? Is an idea created spontaneously or is it cooked slowly, developing in it`s creator only to burst out? How did the creators of this websites become someone from noone overnight?

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between plus tons of added luck, right circumstances. All I know is that there a tons of people blogging, yet only a few manage to get their blabbings to a more respectable level.

I believe there are, well, not millions of creative people, but at least hund...tenths of creative people, who are not heard, just because of their lack of luck and courage to say" Fuck that, I`m going with my idea". Yeah. That must be it. Cool.

Thank you for being in my head for a short while, buy me a beer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2012 - the horror

Everybody who was in contact with another human being in the last decade or so knows about the end of the world. Yeah, December 2012, because that`s when the Mayan calendar ends. Big fuckin` deal. Open your computer calendar. When does it end? Tons of years in the future, right? But when you buy a new computer a few years from now, it`s going to be a different year.

Same goes for the mayans. Thing is, they didn`t have the chance to "update" their calendar. They figured "Hey, that`s far enough into the future, when we get there, we`ll make a new one." You could go with that, or you can believe there is a planet, that`s gonna hit us, or that our creators, the aliens, will come to judge us. It`s totally your call.

Short one.

Not pictured: the future.

No, fuck that. 2012 is going to pass, mostly uneventfully. A new war might break, some peace treaties might be signed. But the Earth, with most of it`s current residents will survive. And if someone shows me hard, undisputable proof that the world is coming to an end in less that 2 years, I will start using heroine.

And then quit, because I`m hardcore.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First entry.

This, being the first entry, should be somewhat informational, but it won`t be. This entry will most probably determine what this blog will be about. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice are as good as any I guess, so here is a nice picture:

Nice picture

The freedom of speech is a freedom, given to us long time ago, when some monkey-man uttered the first word ever. I must`ve been something like GAGAAAGHY and probably meant "Fuck you, John". In modern society, you can`t just say whatever`s on your mind, or you`ll be an outcast. You can`t say "lol, that nigger is blacker then the fucking night" or "OMG, look at those boobs" without offending some folks. Those statements might be true, but you have to keep them to yourself. This is how the freedom of speech is slowly taken away from us. Slow and steady. Today it`s nigger and faggot, tomorrow it`s cock and pussy and by the end of the century you`ll see a pornstar screaming "Oh, darling, drive your phallos deeper in my primary sex characteristics."

Also, the freedom of choice. The choice of your poison that is. Everybody knows cigaretes cause cancer and cough. And yet, tons and tons of people start smoking each year. So they must have their reasons to poison themselves. So why is smoking banned? Because of the non-smokers, not wanting to be poisoned? Fuck you, non-smokers, I quit cigaretes 3 months ago and I don`t give a shit about second hand smoke. Neither should you. If you are so bitchy about it, then don`t go to bars, go to a non-snokers house party.
Drugs, any kind of drugs, should be legal after obligatory readings about them. Yeah, coke, heroin, weed, meth, everything. You get yourself informed and if you want - try it. If not - fine too. But why should you hide in basements just to get high? You made your choice, why should you not be allowed to have that simple freedom of killing yourself the way you see fit? We are all going down at some point, might as well have some fun while speeding that way.

Oh yeah and hate speech IS free speech. As long as there is a prick yelling "Stop hating me for (insert religeous, racial whatever reason)" there is going to be another prick hating him.