Thursday, January 6, 2011

2012 - the horror

Everybody who was in contact with another human being in the last decade or so knows about the end of the world. Yeah, December 2012, because that`s when the Mayan calendar ends. Big fuckin` deal. Open your computer calendar. When does it end? Tons of years in the future, right? But when you buy a new computer a few years from now, it`s going to be a different year.

Same goes for the mayans. Thing is, they didn`t have the chance to "update" their calendar. They figured "Hey, that`s far enough into the future, when we get there, we`ll make a new one." You could go with that, or you can believe there is a planet, that`s gonna hit us, or that our creators, the aliens, will come to judge us. It`s totally your call.

Short one.

Not pictured: the future.

No, fuck that. 2012 is going to pass, mostly uneventfully. A new war might break, some peace treaties might be signed. But the Earth, with most of it`s current residents will survive. And if someone shows me hard, undisputable proof that the world is coming to an end in less that 2 years, I will start using heroine.

And then quit, because I`m hardcore.

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