Sunday, January 23, 2011


Almost everyone around the globe consumes alcohol in some form. Some drink beer, others prefer vodka. But what is alcohol? Everyone who passed high school chemistry knows that the spirits are mix of water, flavours, and most importantly: ethanol. Substance, consisting of 2 carbon, 6 hydrogen and one oxygen atom: CH3–CH2–OH.

Pure alcohol is toxic, the 95%V solution is called rubbing alcohol. Some people may show allergic reactions, such as rash around the spot, but these are rare cases. However, the main usage of alcohol today is not medicinal, or at least not in the traditional sense.

Everyone that has gotten himself drunk over the loss of a loved one or over a girl knows alcohol helps temporary. But where is the borderline between recreational drinking and alcoholism? We all joke how "We are not alcoholics, because we are not anonymous, we are drunks", but alcoholism is a serious disease.

Oh wait.

Wait. Guys...sorry. Alcoholism is in no way a disease. Smoking is more of a disease than alcoholism. Yes, it is claimed to be one, but fuck it, they invented Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so that parents won`t look bad. Every kid has ADHD, but it`s called being a kid. Now, if a kid retains this, even though way above child-age, this simply means that his/her parents did a shitty job raising that kid.

So in the light of me being such a nice person and all, I give you the cure for alcoholism, the condition reponsible for some many broken families and beaten up wives:

get your shit together and stop drinking so much. It`s not easy, but in the end - what is?

Yeah, I believe that the reason of alcoholism is simply the lack of strong will. Well, the world is full of pussies now, isn`t it.

I promise that tomorrow I`ll be in a better mood.