Sunday, January 2, 2011

First entry.

This, being the first entry, should be somewhat informational, but it won`t be. This entry will most probably determine what this blog will be about. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice are as good as any I guess, so here is a nice picture:

Nice picture

The freedom of speech is a freedom, given to us long time ago, when some monkey-man uttered the first word ever. I must`ve been something like GAGAAAGHY and probably meant "Fuck you, John". In modern society, you can`t just say whatever`s on your mind, or you`ll be an outcast. You can`t say "lol, that nigger is blacker then the fucking night" or "OMG, look at those boobs" without offending some folks. Those statements might be true, but you have to keep them to yourself. This is how the freedom of speech is slowly taken away from us. Slow and steady. Today it`s nigger and faggot, tomorrow it`s cock and pussy and by the end of the century you`ll see a pornstar screaming "Oh, darling, drive your phallos deeper in my primary sex characteristics."

Also, the freedom of choice. The choice of your poison that is. Everybody knows cigaretes cause cancer and cough. And yet, tons and tons of people start smoking each year. So they must have their reasons to poison themselves. So why is smoking banned? Because of the non-smokers, not wanting to be poisoned? Fuck you, non-smokers, I quit cigaretes 3 months ago and I don`t give a shit about second hand smoke. Neither should you. If you are so bitchy about it, then don`t go to bars, go to a non-snokers house party.
Drugs, any kind of drugs, should be legal after obligatory readings about them. Yeah, coke, heroin, weed, meth, everything. You get yourself informed and if you want - try it. If not - fine too. But why should you hide in basements just to get high? You made your choice, why should you not be allowed to have that simple freedom of killing yourself the way you see fit? We are all going down at some point, might as well have some fun while speeding that way.

Oh yeah and hate speech IS free speech. As long as there is a prick yelling "Stop hating me for (insert religeous, racial whatever reason)" there is going to be another prick hating him.

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