Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legalize it! Part 1.

This is the first part of series that will be called "Legalize it!" In this first part we`ll cover all the basics, the myth and facts and I will explain why are you wrong if you are against it.

Legalization of marijuana. An often discussed topic amongst people. Amongst all kinds of people. We all know the pros of legalization - improved quality of the weed, control over what we get for our money, honest market competition and mostly - this will take weed trade from mobs` hands. The production and selling will be governed by laws, just as alcohol is. Or cigaretes.

What are the cons? Probably close to none. The only bad thing that might or might not happen is that younger children will accept drugs as socially acceptable. All drugs.

Do you see a pattern? Children see drugs as one thing, not making difference between heroin and weed. So do people who are against the legalization process. But a person might and will kill, rob and do shit alltogether for heroin, not for weed. If you don`t smoke pot, ask a friend of yours, who does: "Have you ever killed/robbed someone to buy weed?".

So that`s it. You will have to talk to your kid. Tragedy.

By now if you still think marijuana causes cancer and brain damage, you are retarded. Or religious, whatever. There is proof that marijuana can be used to treat (NOT cure)
a variety of diseases like glaucoma, insomnia, neuralgic pain. The list goes on, including MS, multiple sclerosis. Modern medicine can only treat MS, but no cure it. With vaporizers, even the slightest harm from inhaling tar is gone, you inhale pure THC, with no tar, because there is no burning, but more on that in another part.

In conclusion: Don`t chase pot smokers with pitchforks and torches. We are people like you, but instead of cancer and hangover, we want to be high. See ye in part 2.

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