Saturday, January 22, 2011

Legalize it! Part 2.

All the people who use marijuana can vouch that it will not cause any long-term damage. And yet, most of the people, who have not even tried it, claim it does. How come?

Ignorance is bliss, is said in the Bible. Many people, mostly in their mids (40-50) make no difference whether their child smokes pot or is abusing heroin. This problem comes from misinformation. And even though these people have the internet, the largest source of information known to mankind, they refuse to familiarize themselves.
And the difference is huge. If pot were Mt. Everest, heroin is the Mariana trench. This ignorance is the reason most governments will not legalize marijuana - they will never be elected again in their lifetime. Amongst the elderly, they will be known as the people who allowed their children to use drugs.

On the other hand, the politicians know that if they legalize marijuana, the users will vote for them. But they live with the idea that pot smokers are some kind of smelly hippies, and who wants that? Truth is, tons of people with respectable jobs, like lawyers, doctors, dentists and so on, use marijuana. May be not on daily basis, but regularly. You don`t see surgeons high during surgery, nor lawyers stoned during trial. Because not smoking pot doesn`t make one abstinent, hellbent on "getting his dose". There is no dose, no dependency whatsoever.

You want to get high - you smoke, you don`t want to get high - you don`t. That`s how weed works. Period. Nobody NEEDS weed.

Next time, on Legalize it! we, and I mean I, will talk about the economical side of the problem.

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