Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Legalize it! Part 3.

Economy of the weed, part 1.

Since economy is a huge and vast field, it`s impossible to cover all the bases in one short article. So here is some blabber about the basics. In the following weeks I`ll try to cover the basics(this post), growth, distribution and global economics of weed. So here goes part 1.

Can you dress in marijuana? Can you write on it? Can you power your car with it? Well...yes, sure you can. It`s cheap. Why has no one thought of that already?

Oh, wait. During the I and II World war USA legalized the production of hemp and used it to make paper and other useful cheap shit. Naturally, after the war, weed was banned again.

Trust me, I`d be the last one to go hippie and ecological, but hemp can be used to produce bio-fuel, which would be a lot cheaper and eco-friendly.

Every government would win tons of money, just from taxing weed growers and sellers of hemp-made products. Because you tax the growers and then get money from the products. But why isn`t it happening?

Growing hemp might help improve unemployment rates, return people from the city to the countryside. By making it legal, marijuana growths can be monitored and controlled.

Here`s a flowchart of the useful stuff hemp can be used for:

As you can see tons of byproducts can be made from all parts of the plant. Screw the recreational use, hemp with minimal THC content can be used. But even the 1% content is considered a drug and therefore - banned. This goes a little bit beyond paranoia, this is stupidity.

I realize I`m starting to get all hippie, but the reason hemp isn`t used for mass production of the mentioned products are the big manufacturers of everything, the so-called corporations. They are the ones keeping the economy from collapsing and until a giant hemp-using corporation comes along, one that can replace all the other, nothing`s going to change on a global level.

At some point I`ll return to the economical side of the problem, but next week you will familiarize with the chemical structure of marijuana.

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