Monday, January 24, 2011


I promised I`d be in a better mood and here I am. Before I continue, I must say that I think that the following post is full of shit.

Technically what we call love is a complex chain of chemical reactions in the brain, involving great amounts of endorphins, the hormones that make us happy. But many argue that love is more than that, that they feel in their heaths. Science cannot explain this feeling, but many theorise that it is a psychological phenomena.

No matter what love is, most of us have experienced it. It might have been a sob-drama story or a life-long happiness. But being in love is trusting and its basis, trust must be earned and yet, love tends to skip that. Why? Because most people want to have a relationship and love, because that`s what we are told should happen. But here`s the difference - many find love where it`s absent. Those people believe that love MUST be, whereas it might.

Love is in no way a mandatory thing to happen. Birth and death are, but not love or happiness. As soon as one reaches this conclusion, the sooner that man can live his/her life to the fullest.

It`s not wrong to seek love and to be loved, but it shouldn`t be a purpose in life, but something that one must recognize when it comes. Just like when you are about to vomit from too much vodka - if you don`t, you`ll barf all over the place.

Not as bright as I hoped, but fuck it, you`ll live.

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