Saturday, January 29, 2011

Piracy - the difference between Somalia and internet

As a child, I often imagined pirates with their wooden ships pillaging villages and going "Arrr". Now, when I say pirate I image a dude with a computer. He`s going "Arrr!" as well.

The somalian pirates are, in fact, not going "Arr" and they have no computers. Or food for that matter. They are black people, looking to steal stuff from ships. By definition, they are black pirates.

The internet piracy, on the other hand, is a very discussed topic. No one can deny us the right to get free stuff off the internet. If the internet stops providing free movies, games, free software all together, the internet will become an enormous library with a nice indexing book. I don`t understand people, who are rich as fuck and they bitch and moan about people downloading their songs for free.

Oh yeah, and somalian pirates are practically useless as apposed to the internet pirates.

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  1. I'll use the pirate bay more often then.
    Don't forget to check my blog too

  2. I agree with you bro, civil disobedience is a good thing