Sunday, January 9, 2011

Present perfect...

...or how are ideas born

I watched the Social network recently and I honestly liked it. It got me wondering, how does one come with groundbreaking ideas? Do you think them over and over or do they just pop? There a several examples on tEh internets for people going for one thing and ending with a huge community. all the chans, facebook and many more. There are those, that started as one thing and simply expanded beyond proportion, like Google.

So where does that leave my question? Is an idea created spontaneously or is it cooked slowly, developing in it`s creator only to burst out? How did the creators of this websites become someone from noone overnight?

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between plus tons of added luck, right circumstances. All I know is that there a tons of people blogging, yet only a few manage to get their blabbings to a more respectable level.

I believe there are, well, not millions of creative people, but at least hund...tenths of creative people, who are not heard, just because of their lack of luck and courage to say" Fuck that, I`m going with my idea". Yeah. That must be it. Cool.

Thank you for being in my head for a short while, buy me a beer.

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