Friday, January 28, 2011

Science and how fucked up it really is.

Science is the future. The wheel, the fire, the car, space travel - all science. The structure of the atom - science. Medications - science. And yet, the most promising branch of biology - genetic engineering is hindered by moral shit. Moral shit, that goes deeper than "How can you use that fetus (please note - not baby, fetus) for science". It goes deep into religious bullshit, which is another subject.

Stem-cell research has been hindered and for all intents and purposes - canceled. The main reason is not financial, but moral. Many people think it`s wrong to use aborted fetuses for some reason. Stupid reason at that, because the fetus is nothing more than cells. No "immortal soul", no future, no nothing. But stem-cell can be used to cure many diseases, such as leukemia and many, many more. These cells are called "pluripotent", because they can become any type of cell - neuron, blood poietic (that make the cells in the blood), liver-cells...whatever, these bastards can.

And yet, because of our feeble human moral, we ban it. Because it makes people uncomfortable. What about the people dying from all the diseases that stem-cell research can cure? Never mind them.

How much time must pass for us to realize that we can`t simply be uncomfortable with science. And let us remember the last words of the guy, that was burnt for his scientific achievements: "And yet, it spins" - Galileo Galilei.

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  1. You know I'm generally on the conservative side, but I blame the Red states for this BS