Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know a faggot, who went to study in the Netherlands. Now I don`t have a neighbor with whom to smoke with. Also the game.

On a more serious, less whiny note, it has come to my attention that the world has turned to shit. Everywhere you look there are hipsters, whiggers and gay people. Yes, this blog is about freedom of choice, but hell, Hitler made a choice as well, so did the sandniggers that flew into a tall building. To make my point really clear: there are choices, but there are also dumb/retarded choices, such as being a hippy, hipster, vegetarian, vegan and so on. Why are these wrong choices, you might axe. (Yeah, I did it.)

It`s a bad choice being a hipster because it wasn`t much of a choice, was it? You were weird and had no friends, so you decided to hang out with other freaks and dress like them. Soon you found out that now that you belong to a community, you could make friends, have a girlfriend and so on. So, nice going, how does it feel to look ridiculous?

You don`t want to be that guy, right?

The hippies...well, they were commented on enough. Mostly because they smell and do nothing for society. Neither do I, but I shower. Sometimes.

Vegan, vegetarian: You have incisors and canines? Then your body was designed by mother nature to eat meat. Those people claim to love nature, and yet they stand against what nature spent hundreds of thousands of years on. Who the hell do you think you are? Every time you refuse to eat meat, you make mother Nature cry. Assholes.

Also, I dare you: go to a forest for a few days without food. You are not allowed to eat bugs, they are animals as well, check wikipedia or something. Also they contain meat. For you vegans I guess the eggs aren`t an option as well. You will starve. Because you didn`t do something that your body was meant to do. Thank you for fucking up evolution.

Hm, it turned out to be an even whinier note. Whatever. If you fall into the above categories, I hope you burn. Not in hell, in your house.

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