Friday, February 4, 2011

Everyday life-threatening situations - where are they?

Hell, I bet you think going round the block for ice cream is safe, right? NO! Shit can fall on your head, you might become a victim of animal attack (dogs, raccoons..). You may be run over by a car, or mugged, killed, raped. No matter what you do, you are not safe.

This is what the government wants you to believe. Because if you are scared, you`ll gladly give up any freedoms you have, just to be safe. Cameras? No problem, just so you feel safer for yourself or your children.

The reality, unfortunately, is random. Yes, you might become a murder victim next time you leave your house. But then, you might not. If someone`s gone past the point of no return, the camera won`t stop him. Neither will monitoring his internet traffic.

It`s good to have cameras around people who are defenceless - elderly people, children, but on every corner? Fuck no. Little common sense can prevent shit from happening to you. You can`t predict when somebody will go mental, but you can predict that going through that dark alley might not be such a good idea.

So I urge you - do not give your freedoms away for false security. The camera is no security, internet tracking is no security. Don`t give in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


And on the forth day of the week, sport-talk will occur.

Running is the second best cardio exercise after ski running. Running is awesome. It improves your cario-vascular system, helps heal the lungs from shit hat got inside (coal dust, tar from smoking, etc). You don`t get winded running after the bus, you can get to places faster. It helps lose weight (sometimes it`s counter productive to run, e.i. when you are waaaaaay overweight.

If you are new to running, but really want to commit, then here`s a beginners schedule (derived from personal experience):
Week     Day               Running time
1         1                 15 min fast jog
          2                 15 min slow jog
          3                   break
          4                 15 min fast jog
          5                 15 min slow jog
          6                   break
          7                 20 min slow jog

2         1                 15 min fast jog
          2                   break
          3                 20 min fast jog
          4                 20 min slow jog
          5                   break
          6                20 min fast jog
          7                20 min slow jog

3         1                  break
          2                15 min run
          3                20 min fast jog
          4                  break
          5                15 min run
          6                25 min slow jog
          7                20 min fast jog

4         1                  break
          2                20 min run
          3                30 min slow jog
          4                25 min fast jog
          5                  break
          6                30 min slow jog
          7                20 min run

Now, there are tons of definitions of jog and run, but I consider everything BELOW 7km/h walking, between 7-10 km/h - jogging and everything above 10 - running. Slow jog might be 7-8 km/h and fast can be 8-10 km/h. This is useful if you use a threadmill.

You get 2 break-days a week. I don`t say you should stand and no do anything. Take a walk, do something that is not considered a strenuous exercise. Of course, who can take the breaks together, as a 2-day break, you can switch break days. But try to exercise 5 times a week if you are looking for weight loss and/or improvement in cardio-vascular activity.

If you have any heart problems, I strongly suggest you either don`t do it, or you consult your doctor. Seriously, the world doesn`t need more heart attacks.

I plan on using this schedule in my spring recovery after the run-less winter.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Legalize it! Part 4.

The active (bio active, psychoactive) ingredient of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol or otherwise known as THC. It`s the stuff that makes you laugh, it makes you hungry, it makes you lose sense of time.

This is what THC looks like:

Some information about the stand-alone substance:
1. No one has ever overdosed with THC.

2. The DL50 (dosis letalis) is 1270 mg/kg for male and 740 mg/kg for female rats.
If it`s not clear, the DL50 (50% of all test subjects are killed) for nicotine is 50 mg/kg. On that note, there was a study, that concluded 680 kg of marijuana must be smoked in 14 minutes to achieve the human lethal dose.

3. THC is dissolved in organic substances (alcohol, fats, thus the extraction of THC is carried out in such substances (weed butter, tincture).

4. THC can be found in many bodily fluid, such as mouth liquid, pee, as well as in hair and fatty cells.

5. In the human body it`s processed mainly by the liver, by cytochromes P450.

Almost all mammals have THC-receptors. The human receptor is best-suited, ergo we are made to smoke marijuana. Evolution made us this way. You want to argue with millions of years of experience? Thought so.

Hope this I told you at least one thing you didn`t known.