Friday, February 4, 2011

Everyday life-threatening situations - where are they?

Hell, I bet you think going round the block for ice cream is safe, right? NO! Shit can fall on your head, you might become a victim of animal attack (dogs, raccoons..). You may be run over by a car, or mugged, killed, raped. No matter what you do, you are not safe.

This is what the government wants you to believe. Because if you are scared, you`ll gladly give up any freedoms you have, just to be safe. Cameras? No problem, just so you feel safer for yourself or your children.

The reality, unfortunately, is random. Yes, you might become a murder victim next time you leave your house. But then, you might not. If someone`s gone past the point of no return, the camera won`t stop him. Neither will monitoring his internet traffic.

It`s good to have cameras around people who are defenceless - elderly people, children, but on every corner? Fuck no. Little common sense can prevent shit from happening to you. You can`t predict when somebody will go mental, but you can predict that going through that dark alley might not be such a good idea.

So I urge you - do not give your freedoms away for false security. The camera is no security, internet tracking is no security. Don`t give in.


  1. But cameras should monitor some areas

  2. Yeahy, may be the ghettos, but even there they won`t do shit, because cops are mostly afraid to get into ghettos.

  3. This goes hand in hand with all kinds of things. Scared to fly on planes? Look at statistics- you're more likely to be the victim of random break-in violence than plane crashing. Every time you sleep at home you're in more danger than the couple of hours on a plane.

    You can't eliminate every risk in life... so don't try to. Just eliminate the few that are going to likely kill you and you should live a long, happy life.