Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Legalize it! Part 4.

The active (bio active, psychoactive) ingredient of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol or otherwise known as THC. It`s the stuff that makes you laugh, it makes you hungry, it makes you lose sense of time.

This is what THC looks like:

Some information about the stand-alone substance:
1. No one has ever overdosed with THC.

2. The DL50 (dosis letalis) is 1270 mg/kg for male and 740 mg/kg for female rats.
If it`s not clear, the DL50 (50% of all test subjects are killed) for nicotine is 50 mg/kg. On that note, there was a study, that concluded 680 kg of marijuana must be smoked in 14 minutes to achieve the human lethal dose.

3. THC is dissolved in organic substances (alcohol, fats, thus the extraction of THC is carried out in such substances (weed butter, tincture).

4. THC can be found in many bodily fluid, such as mouth liquid, pee, as well as in hair and fatty cells.

5. In the human body it`s processed mainly by the liver, by cytochromes P450.

Almost all mammals have THC-receptors. The human receptor is best-suited, ergo we are made to smoke marijuana. Evolution made us this way. You want to argue with millions of years of experience? Thought so.

Hope this I told you at least one thing you didn`t known.


  1. Weed alllllllllllll the way bro!

    Supporting you bro!

  2. Interesting post, wonder if it will happen in our lifetime

  3. Thats a nice pic dude, howd it go? :P

  4. I wouldn't say that we're made for smoking marijuana, that doesn't mean that.

    Legalize it!

  5. @beyondthisall: lo, not mine, but I imagine it was good. :)

    @bamboleo: If troll, obvious. If not, it`s just a figure of speech. ;)