Thursday, February 3, 2011


And on the forth day of the week, sport-talk will occur.

Running is the second best cardio exercise after ski running. Running is awesome. It improves your cario-vascular system, helps heal the lungs from shit hat got inside (coal dust, tar from smoking, etc). You don`t get winded running after the bus, you can get to places faster. It helps lose weight (sometimes it`s counter productive to run, e.i. when you are waaaaaay overweight.

If you are new to running, but really want to commit, then here`s a beginners schedule (derived from personal experience):
Week     Day               Running time
1         1                 15 min fast jog
          2                 15 min slow jog
          3                   break
          4                 15 min fast jog
          5                 15 min slow jog
          6                   break
          7                 20 min slow jog

2         1                 15 min fast jog
          2                   break
          3                 20 min fast jog
          4                 20 min slow jog
          5                   break
          6                20 min fast jog
          7                20 min slow jog

3         1                  break
          2                15 min run
          3                20 min fast jog
          4                  break
          5                15 min run
          6                25 min slow jog
          7                20 min fast jog

4         1                  break
          2                20 min run
          3                30 min slow jog
          4                25 min fast jog
          5                  break
          6                30 min slow jog
          7                20 min run

Now, there are tons of definitions of jog and run, but I consider everything BELOW 7km/h walking, between 7-10 km/h - jogging and everything above 10 - running. Slow jog might be 7-8 km/h and fast can be 8-10 km/h. This is useful if you use a threadmill.

You get 2 break-days a week. I don`t say you should stand and no do anything. Take a walk, do something that is not considered a strenuous exercise. Of course, who can take the breaks together, as a 2-day break, you can switch break days. But try to exercise 5 times a week if you are looking for weight loss and/or improvement in cardio-vascular activity.

If you have any heart problems, I strongly suggest you either don`t do it, or you consult your doctor. Seriously, the world doesn`t need more heart attacks.

I plan on using this schedule in my spring recovery after the run-less winter.


  1. Haah the last time i did any running was in high school. and that was two years ago! good luck to those that follow through with this

    looking forward to more posts from you though