Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer madness II

Once more I am joining you from the sunny beaches of the Black sea. Tons of sand and shitload of water, good company and a few refreshing drinks are everyhing you need to chill.

If you haven't had your seaside time yet, here are a few pointers to optimize your summer holiday.
1. Check your hotel reservation before you get there.
2. Carry a few bucks cash and have the rest in a bank account. If you lose your wallet, you can continue your holiday.
3. If you have a tent, carry your phone charger, so you can charge it in a bar or something.
4. Have a fanny pack or something small to carry your valueables.
5. Have condoms. Period.
6. Don't get pissed over small things, it can ruin your vacation.
7. Don't get yourself shitfaced, it can cost you a day's worth of fun.
8. Cops rarely chek tourists, so you can have a bag of the herb with you.
9. Cannot be stressed enough: drink a lot of water.
10. If you are with someone special, make them feel that way.
11. Think before you do, can save you a lot of trouble.

I'm posting from my phone, so no pictures this time. Have fun and cheers.

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