Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Mondays

It`s Monday and it`s the start of the new week. Many of my imaginary readers are going to work, cursing the short weekend, some...are not. Regardless, if you find yourself here, reading this, know this: today is the

"Why Mondays suck"


I believe that one of the main reasons Mondays suck is that nothing interesting really happens. Everyone is doing their jobs, no parties, no one to get shitfaced in the morning with, your cocaine dealer is busy. So here`s are a few advices on how to make YOUR Monday more bearable.

1. Don`t get shitfaced on Sunday, you`ll have loads of work and feel like crap. If you are jobless, then, by all means, please. Then brag about it in front of your buddy, who had his eyes melted by staring at an excel table whole day at work.

2. Keep a little stash of coke under your PC at work. It`ll get you though the day. And you know the cleaning lady never cleans the dust there.

Yeah, that`s about all I can muster on how you can live though Monday. That`s how shitty it is. But hey, maybe one of you, imaginary readers, knows how to get shit done on the first day of the week. Share with us in the comments. Cye

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